The latest of our 25 books to celebrate our
25th anniversary is Stone Heart Deep, the new novel
by Paul Bassett Davies, prolific radio script-writer and author of Please Do Not Ask for Mercy as a Refusal Often Offends.

Investigative journalist and military veteran Adam Budd inherits a crumbling mansion on a remote Scottish island from his estranged mother.

He visits the island to sort out her affairs and at first the place seems like a charming haven. But why are the locals so weird? And why have so many children gone missing?

The explanation is worse even than Budd’s darkest fears. Imagine The Wicker Man rewritten by Iain Banks, and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

If you like creepy, claustrophobic thrillers, we think you'll love this. Novelist Iain Maitland says: ‘Once I’d started reading I could not put it down.’

Ask your usual bookseller for Stone Heart Deep or order it direct from us here. As with every book on our site, UK p&p is free.

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“In the space of five years, I went from graduating at Harvard
to becoming a psychiatric patient.”

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