Our latest title in this, our 25th anniversary year, is Above the Law, a memoir of author Adrian Bleese’s twelve years flying on police helicopters as one of only a handful of civilian air observers working anywhere in the world.

It's an enlightening and entertaining book which seems to charm everyone who reads it.

Suffolk Magazine, which features Above the Law as its main cover story this month, says ‘there’s much humour and warmth in Adrian’s writing’, while John Sutherland, author of the bestselling police memoirs Blue and Crossing the Line, calls the book ‘an engaging and enjoyable read, offering a perspective on policing unlike any other you will have come across before’.

If you're at all interested in aviation, policing or the view from the skies of East Anglia, or you simply like humane, chatty stories of someone doing the job they love, Above the Law is the book for you.

Ask your bookseller for it or click here to order it directly from us. As with every book on our site, UK p&p is free.

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