This month we publish The Muse of Hope Falls, an exuberant debut novel by Alan Kane Fraser set amid the glamour and chicanery of the high-end art world.

Blending the real and imagined history of the art scene in New York and London, it tells the story of Christie McGraw, the former muse and lover of a celebrated late 20th-century painter.

Now penniless, abandoned and sick, Christie wants to sell a lost masterpiece by her late lover, but she needs the help of Gabriel Viejo, the world expert on the artist, to get the painting into the market.

If Gabe can help her cut some corners, Christie will make it worth his while. That all sounds straightforward enough, but there are some nasty surprises in store...

The Muse of Hope Falls is a page-turning plunge into the murkier depths of the art world. Plotted like a heist thriller, it also explores the age-old relationship between creator and muse.

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