You cannot run away from what haunts you

Our latest debut in this, our 25th anniversary year, is Paul Maunder’s The Atomics, a gothic story of madness, revenge and Uranium-235.

When Frank Banner moves to the Suffolk coast in 1968 to work at a new nuclear power station, he and his wife Gail hope to leave violence and pain behind them.

She wants a baby but Frank is only concerned with spending time in the gleaming reactor core. As the sun beats relentlessly upon this bleak landscape, his demons return.

A merciless voice tells him he must protect a young woman to whom his boorish neighbour has taken a fancy. Frank knows just how to do it. Radiation will make him stronger, radiation will turn him into a hero...

Novelist Jenn Ashworth says The Atomics is ‘a dark, creepy, shocking book that reminds me of early Ian McEwan’. Writer Michael Hughes calls it ‘a terrifically compulsive slice of post-war domestic noir: a vivid psychological thriller that unfolds into a strange and powerful study of male violence’.

This dark and eerie novel, with a great twist at the end, was longlisted for the Caledonia Novel Award. Click here to order it directly from us (with free UK p&p, as for all our books).

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