Can you find justice…when the world is watching?

This month we publish The Rapunzel Act, the fourth in Abi Silver’s acclaimed series of courtroom dramas featuring legal duo Judith Burton and Constance Lamb.

When breakfast TV host Rosie Harper is found brutally murdered at home, suspicion falls on her spouse, formerly international football star, Danny ‘walks on water’ Mallard, now living out of the public eye as trans woman, Debbie.

Not only must Debbie challenge the hard evidence, including her blood-drenched glove at the scene of the crime, she must also contend with the world’s prejudices, as the trial is broadcast live. Burton and Lamb feel the pressure as they strive to defend their most famous client yet.

‘What could have been a gimmicky roll in the gutter turns out to be a gripping mystery sensitively told,’ says The Times.

And Shots magazine says: ‘The fourth in Silver’s fairy-tale series of crime novels has its fingers hovering over quite a few hot-button issues... Under her assured hand, Rapunzel manages to address perceptions of trans women, the morality of eco-warriors and the wisdom of television airing of ongoing court trials without falling over itself.’

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