Leo Fischer has the chance to save two worlds –
but at what cost to himself?


In August we publish War Between Worlds, the concluding part of Andrew Stickland’s thrilling Mars Alone trilogy for young adults.

The trilogy is a ‘hard sci-fi’ space adventure – ie it obeys all the laws of physics – which offers a tantalisingly plausible vision of the kind of worlds our descendants may be building in three centuries' time.

In this final instalment, Earth and Mars are in open conflict, and seventeen-year-old Leo Fischer is right in the thick of things, fighting his own secret war behind enemy lines.

Leo’s bitterest enemy – Carlton Whittaker, the crazed president of Mars – is about to unleash his most devastating weapon against the unsuspecting Terran invasion fleet. Leo has the chance to save two worlds, but the sacrifice he and his best friend/lover Skater Monroe may have to make is enormous.

Pacey, imaginative and emotionally fraught, it's a superb read for teenagers and adults alike. Pre-order it now and find links to the rest of the trilogy by clicking below.


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