Our final title in our 25th anniversary year is Staggering Hubris, the spoof Number 10 Covid diary by comedian and viral social media star Josh Berry.

Josh’s video parodies of an Eton- and Oxford-educated special adviser (spad) at Number 10 made him a breakout star of the internet during lockdown.

Now, in the expanded form of a spoof 2020 diary, he tells the tale of a year etched in all our memories, from the perspective of his satirical creation.

Rafe Hubris has been described as the lovechild of Alan Partridge and Alan B’Stard. A young man of implacable self-confidence but zero ability, he sees himself as the puppet-master at the centre of government, working closely with ‘Big Daddy Cum Cum’, ‘Matt Cock-in-his-Hands’ and Prime Minister ‘Blojo’ himself. The ’Rona Years, Vol 1 is his fly-on-the-wall account of their chaotic response to the emergency.

Three weeks before its launch, Staggering Hubris hit Amazon’s Number 1 bestseller spot for UK politics, leap-frogging Robert Peston, Piers Morgan and Alan Duncan. Order your copy here.

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