Our first title for 2024 is Local, a beautifully illustrated account of adventurer Alastair Humphreys’ search for nature and wildness in the unprepossessing surroundings covered by the Ordnance Survey map around his own home.

After years of expeditions all over the world, he spends a year exploring this landscape on his doorstep, which is marked by the glow of city lights and the hum of busy roads.

Can such humdrum terrain hold any surprises for the world traveller or satisfy his wanderlust? Could a single map provide a lifetime of exploration?

Discovering more about the natural world than in all his years in remote environments, Alastair learns the value of truly getting to know his neighbourhood.

An ode to slowing down, Local is a celebration of curiosity and time spent outdoors, as well as a rallying cry to protect the wild places on our doorstep.

The acclaimed nature writer Robert Macfarlane hails it as ‘agile, wryly funny and wise’. To order your copy, click here.

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