In May we publish Tiny Pieces of Enid, the second novel by Tim Ewins.

A hypnotic, moving tale of companionship and ageing, it’s described by author Polly Crosby as ‘a warm hug of a book, as comforting as chicken soup and just as nourishing’.

It’s the story of elderly Enid, who isn’t clear about much these days, but she does feel a strong affinity with Olivia, a regular visitor to her dementia home in a small coastal town. If only she could put her finger on why.

Their silent partnership intensifies when Enid, hoping to reconnect with her husband Roy, escapes from the home. With help from an imaginary macaw, she uncovers some uncomfortable truths about Olivia’s marriage and delves into her own forgotten past.

This deeply touching story will delight fans of Ewins’ acclaimed debut, We Are Animals. Other best-selling authors who love it include Hazel Prior (‘powerful and poignant’), Matson Taylor (‘wonderful, poignant and powerful’), and A.J. West (‘one of the most beautiful portrayals of love I’ve ever read’).

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