Our latest title in this, our 25th anniversary year, is
Tim Ewins’s debut novel We Are Animals, a quirky, heartwarming tale of lost love, unlikely friendship and the mysteries of fate. It also features a menagerie of creatures who each have their own story to tell.

We first published We Are Animals as an ebook exclusive at the start of the first Covid lockdown, but
it won such acclaim, we’ve now brought out a paperback edition.

Fans include two of 2020’s most successful debut novelists: Frances Quinn, author of The Smallest Man,  who called it ‘warm, funny and original – one of my favourite books of the year’, and Matson Taylor,
author of The Miseducation of Evie Epworth, who calls it ‘wonderful – a funny, heartwarming and craftily clever book’.

In addition, the magazine Popsugar hailed it as ‘the feelgood story we all need right now’ and others likened it to Life of Pi and Jonas Jonasson’s Hundred-Year-Old Man.

Ask your bookseller for We Are Animals or click here to order it directly from us. As with every book on our site, UK p&p is free.

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