Our first title of 2022 is The Prison Minyan, a sharply comic but also a wise and profound novel by bestselling US writer Jonathan Stone.

It’s set in a real-life jail in upstate New York which is the prison of choice for white-collar Jewish offenders. The place made headlines when Donald Trump’s disgraced fixer Michael Cohen was sent there in 2019.

In the fictional version, a crew of fraudsters, tax evaders and forgers discuss their own crimes in a religious prayer group, or ‘minyan’.

They secretly like the prison and they’ve learned to game the system, so when the rules are toughened to punish a new celebrity convict who has upset the 45th president, they find devious ways to fight back.

The result is a hilarious caper laced with wisdom and moral contemplation. The prize-winning novelist Michael Arditti says it’s ‘erudite, trenchant and touching’ while Publishers Weekly calls it ‘a puckish, Philip Roth-esque satire’.

We're publishing The Prison Minyan simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic in the second week of January. Order your copy here.

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