The Ambrosia Project, the sixth case for Judith Burton and Constance Lamb, takes the legal duo into the culinary world.­­­­­

When Brett Ingram collapses and dies at a public event, his seafood allergy is blamed and the caterer, Nick Demetriou, charged with manslaughter. He hires Burton and Lamb to defend him.

There’s something fishy about the allergy story. Did one of his fellow panel speakers have a hand in the businessman’s death? And what of the nasty incidents that keep befalling them? Should the net be cast wider to include opponents of Brett’s mysterious Ambrosia initiative?

In another of lawyer-turned-crime-writer Abi Silver’s nail-biting games of courtroom cat-and-mouse, Burton and Lamb must find the truth amid a smorgasbord of lies and deception.

‘It is Abi Silver’s imaginative touches as well as her thorough legal knowledge that make her courtroom thrillers stand out,’ says crime fiction critic Jake Kerridge.

This one is no exception. To order your copy, click here.

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