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Eye Classics Bundle

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Buy nine brilliant books in our travel/adventure imprint

Eye Books was founded more than 20 years ago specifically to publish remarkable travel writing. Many of our best books can be found in the Eye Classics range.

This bumper bundle consists of:

The Good Life: Up the Yukon Without a Paddle by Dorian Amos; Riding With Ghosts by Gwen Maka; Zohra’s Ladder by Pamela Windo; Jasmine & Arnica by Nicola Naylor; Baghdad Business School by Heyrick Bond Gunning; Riding the Outlaw Trail by Simon Casson and Richard Adamson; Green Oranges on Lion Mountain by Emily Joy;  Touching Tibet by Niema Ash; and Good Morning Afghanistan by Waseem Mahmood.






‘It is their utter determination to break with convention and strike out in search of their dream that warms me’

Ray Mears on The Good Life

'A great journey in the footsteps of truly extraordinary adventurers’

Bear Grylls on Riding the Outlaw Trail

‘Illustrates the tenacity and determination of the people of Sierra Leone’

Sarah, Duchess of York on Green Oranges on Lion Mountain

‘Niema Ash really understands the situation facing Tibet and conveys it with remarkable perception’

Tenzin Choegyal, brother of the Dalai Lama, on Touching Tibet

‘A magnificent book. To read it is to be transported to Kabul and to share the dreams of the Afghans’

Rehan ul-Haq on Good Morning Afghanistan


‘Almost surreal in its assemblage of improbably colliding facts – a marriage of the bizarre and the beautiful that chills the spine as often as it warms the heart’

The Times on Touching Tibet

‘Absolutely gripping’

Daily Mail on Riding the Outlaw Trail

‘Joy is not Mother Teresa. But her refreshing honesty and humour combine to make her tale all the more harrowing, yet simultaneously uplifting’

The Herald on Green Oranges on Lion Mountain


Wanderlust on Riding With Ghosts

‘Beautifully told with both insight and compassion. An insight to all’

Woman and Home on Jasmine & Arnica

‘He vividly describes how it feels to be thrown in at the deep end’

The Economist on Baghdad Business School



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