In September we publish Escape to Midas, the second instalment in Andrew Stickland’s thrilling, ultra-realistic sci-fi trilogy for young adults.

It’s 2313, and Leo Fischer and his friend Skater are hiding out on Mars, hunted by a psychopathic megalomaniac – who happens to be the most powerful individual in the Solar System. He claims the pair are interplanetary terrorists and is demanding their heads on a plate.

Escape to Midas is the follow-up to The Arcadian Incident, hailed by novelist Iain Hood as ‘a brilliant, rocket-roaring space adventure’.

Both books are part of the Mars Alone trilogy, a gravity-defying thrill-ride into the human race’s all-too-believable future in space.

The best-selling author Emma Haughton calls Escape to Midas: ‘Brilliantly pacey, imaginative, high-stakes sci-fi adventure set on Mars – a must-read for all YA thriller fans.’

You can order your copy here.

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