‘Warm, humane, funny and mischievous’
Jeremy Hardy


In May we’re publishing a brand-new edition of Dead Writers in Rehab, a surreal comedy by Paul Bassett Davies which ventriloquises seven great authors from the past, including Wilkie Collins in his bicentary year.

When literary reprobate Foster James wakes up in a strange country house, he assumes he’s been consigned to rehab (yet again). But when he gets punched in the face by Ernest Hemingway, he realises there’s something different about this place...

Is he dead? Has his less-than-saintly existence finally caught up with him? After a hostile group therapy session with Hunter S. Thompson, William Burroughs and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it seems likely. But he still feels alive, especially after he gets laid by Dorothy Parker.

When he discovers that the two doctors who run the institution are being torn apart by a thwarted love affair, he and the other writers must work together to save something bigger than their own egos.

Set in a place that’s part Priory, part Purgatory, Dead Writers in Rehab is a darkly funny tale about the strange and terrible entanglement of creativity and addiction.


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