Tess Burrows

Tess Burrows is a peace activist, climbing instructor, healer, motivational speaker and grandmother.

After taking a degree in ecological science from Edinburgh University, she moved to Australia to grow trees. By the time she returned to the UK, she was the single mother of three young boys.

In 1990, she started adventuring in order to raise funds for projects close to her heart. Eight years later, with her partner Pete Hammond, she founded Climb For Tibet, to gather peace messages to declaim from high places. The charity has now raised more than £150,000, mainly for building schools in Tibet.

She is the author of three adventuring books – Cry From the Highest Mountain, Cold Hands Warm Heart and Touch the Sky – and two children’s stories, Soft Courage and Don’t Blame the Yeti, all published by Eye & Lightning Books.

Find out more about Tess at tessburrows.org.